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Business Process Improvement

Too often, especially in today’s digital world, what we did yesterday is not good enough tomorrow. We can seek new opportunities and embrace change, either in what we do or how we do it, or eventually have change forced on us, but it will happen.

Understanding your business and its core processes is critical for any organisation – what they are, how they function to reinforce your business strategy, and how good you are at them. Well-defined, communicated and measured activities create a platform for business improvement and impact analysis in order to improve performance efficiency and effectiveness. Also, no business function exists in isolation, and an integrated, holistic view is key in order to understand the impact of changes in one area on the rest.

BPM/BPI encompasses a range of different disciplines, and contact us to learn more about:

  • Enterprise ArchitectureThis is not just IT! How do all the different elements of our organisation fit together and impact each other from both business and technology perspectives?
  • Business Process Modelling – Understand and agree on how we operate, what our core activities are, and create a common repository to capture and learn.
  • Business Process Execution, Measurement and Improvement – Measure and monitor performance, automate where appropriate and consider opportunities to do things better.
  • Process and Application Integration – Remove disconnects and resource conflicts between applications and operations to become more efficient and eliminate failed handovers.

We can help you with:

  • Strategic Planning, Highlighting Core Strategies and Process Definition Workshops
  • Business Process Modelling – From Whiteboarding through to Process Modelling Tools and Model Repositories
  • Process Improvement Best Practices
  • Embracing Change and Improvement


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“If you have sight, you are blessed. If you have insight, you are a thousand times blessed.”


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