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Business Process Modelling - Product Info

AccuProcess was created specifically for business process modeling. It allows you to design, document, analyse and simulate processes—all in one place. A key strength of AccuProcess is process
documentation since it allows users to include all the steps, business rules and relevant notes on a process within the process model itself, rather than in another program. It also enables easy to produce, professional looking and thorough documentation to share with your colleagues that clarifies business processes and demonstrates areas for improvement. It also helps ensure that process map and documentation are never out of step.

  • Simple to learn and use
  • BPMN Compliant
  • Document both the Business Processes and their underlying Business Rules
  • Runs Business Simulations and Process Costings

Metastorm from OpenText is the only application suite sitting in all 3 Gartner Magic Quadrants for Enterprise Modelling, Business Process Management and Enterprise Application Integration.
Rapid ROI (typically 6 to 9 months) has been consistently proven by Metastorm’s clients across all sectors of business and government, and with both strong product offerings and industry thought leadership Metastorm continues to grow and deliver business insight and value.
Contact us to learn more about:

  • Continuous Business Improvement
  • ProVision Enterprise Modeller
  • Metastorm M3 Process Modeller
  • Metastorm BPM
  • Metastorm Integration Manager
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