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Document Management - Benefits

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Savings and Efficiency

The cost of producing, storing, retrieving and forwarding physical information is high, very high. So too is the time spent looking for that one important email hidden in your inbox or a folder somewhere. Let’s not even think about the cost of all that space, stationery and filing cabinets or off-site storage.


Protect your business critical information from loss or unauthorised access by converting to electronic format, instituting security controls and backing up properly.


Business documents are required to be kept for varying lengths of time by legal and regulatory agencies such as the Tax, Health & Safety, and Labour Departments. Now it can be done with date and time management and full audit trails of all document activities.


No longer will a document disappear on someone’s desk, but multiple people can use a document at the same time. Workflow ensures core approval processes are carried out on time by the right people, and incomplete tasks are highlighted.

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