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Document Management

As the mountain of information businesses have to manage grows at an alarming rate, so do the costs of managing it. Whether confronted with paper based or electronic communications, the challenge is to store it all securely, and in such a way it can be quickly found when it’s needed. Every enterprise creates and stores a wide-ranging (particularly in today’s digital world) repository of information, effectively or otherwise. Accounting and financial information, manuals, quotes, HR documents, emails, MS-Office documents, delivery notes, works orders, contracts – they all need to be saved, secured and shared.

An effective Document Management System makes it simple to capture and store all types of documents (physical and digital) and images in a secure fashion, and in such a way that they can be easily found when required by authorised users, and only authorised users.
Mangofile is such a system, and we have clients ranging in size from single users into the thousands. Mangofile is simple to install, easy to learn and operate, and customised to each client’s requirements, at a cost far lower than comparable products.

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