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Recruitment Management Systems - Benefits

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Lower your costs and promote your brand in the market not an agency’s. Take advantage of proven low cost/high return techniques such as Referrals Systems and Talent Pools.
Visibility. Promote your company’s brand and success (internally and externally), not a recruitment agent’s.


Ensure you are operating to best practice. Not only will it keep your business safe but it also safeguards your reputation, which in turn makes it easier to attract and hire the better candidates.
Efficiency. Save your managers time and lower the administrative burden. Keep all key information together, comply with security safeguards and allow managers to manage it – easily.


Many businesses hire in bursts. Ensure that you can cope, both when and where, with a system that will support single or multi-sites, has no cap on user numbers and can support both NZ and international operations.


Cover the whole process. Internal promotions, external candidates, referrals, advertising, recruitment agents, job boards etc. The system manages it all – and in one place - integrating and managing services such as agencies, reference checking, response handling and surveys.


You can spend a lot of time and money on recruitment. Make sure you control the data and can use it simply and effectively. With this system, you control your candidates and processes and have a system that enhances your brand in the employment market.
“What do the best college sports teams do? Recruit the best players all the time! When a business is short-staffed, that is the worst time to recruit because you are desperate. It is much better to recruit all the time, so the pipeline is full when you need it. Just like college sports teams, when you recruit the best you get a reputation for excellence and great players (employees) want to be on your team. Recruiting gets a whole lot easier when you have a reputation for being a great place to work.

Joanna Meiseles

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