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Excelerate Talent - Recruitment Management System

We know that clients are looking to ideally both spend less and get more from their recruitment resources. The real costs of candidate attraction and selection are substantial and we all know good staff are not easy to find. Even without skills shortages, expectations are higher and increasingly good candidates won’t move unless everything is just right.

  • Save Money - Minimise Recruitment Costs
  • Implement Recruitment Best Practices
  • Enhance Your Corporate Image
  • Build a Pool of Your Existing and Available Talent

We are partners with a specialist technology provider of a family of systems that deliver both efficiency – lowering costs and resources; and effectiveness – delivering better outcomes in recruitment and onboarding of new staff.

You can think of the system in two parts: a public web portal to advertise your vacancies and sell your organisation as an employer, and a private administration portal for you to manage and control the recruiting process.

In operation we would expect the System to deliver the following improvements:

Building a Candidate Bank

The principle here is: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and it is at the heart of how successful world leading organisations recruit.

Reduced Administration

Manage candidate activity with less admin overhead (a 50% reduction is typical). Recycling and re-using candidate banks reduces time to hire (1/3 reduction typical).


Manage applications more securely; privacy and process compliance. Reduce latter stage attrition (25% reduction typical).

Staff Retention and Internal engagement

Web portal provision of staffing content and facilities are often cited as a major contributory factor in helping reduce voluntary staff attrition.

Improved Talent Management (Talent Portal)

Maintain your talent portfolio to capture and retain information on the right kinds of people (internal and external) to build the appropriate mix of resources needed by your business, now and for the future.

To find out more contact us and we can give you an assessment of what a deployment can do for your organisation.

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