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Inventory Optimisation - Benefits

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Visibility and Insight

Rapid access to forecasts and critical stock information makes for better business decisions.


JustEnough’s mix of Art and Science enables the constant improvement and refinement of your Demand Planning calculations.


Use less people to do much more – manual stock management is a time consuming and laborious process.


Changing markets, category management and new and defunct stock lines, new store planning, inventory re-forecasts: these can now be handled both faster and easier, providing the flexibility to manage changing business conditions and performance.

Cost savings

Don’t tie up valuable capital holding too much of the wrong stock, and don’t lose valuable sales (and potentially the client as well) because of stock-outs.
"In the fourth quarter we achieved a 35% reduction in inventory costs. JustEnough paid for itself in the fourth quarter alone."

Bryan Handlen, Chief Operating Officer,

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