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Inventory Optimisation

It’s key for any business to maximise their stock utilisation and turnover, and allocating these expensive assets to the right place at the right time and eliminate redundancy where possible.
Stock-outs are damaging to future business, while too much of the wrong stock is both a drain on financial resources and opens up the spectre of redundancy and mark-downs.
JustEnough provides an integrated solution to forecast and plan your inventory requirements, analyse and optimise sales performance and introduce new products and ranges with confidence.

Retailers, wholesale distributors and manufacturers of every size face huge challenges in managing their physical and planned inventory. JustEnough creates an integrated platform to help their clients:
  • Forecast customer demand
  • Plans sales and operations
  • Optimise Inventory
  • Build product assortments
  • Execute mobile sales and trade marketing
  • Creates master production schedules
  • Generate replenishment orders.
  • Take the guesswork out of forecasting customer and manufacturing demand, inventory levels, replenishment and allocations.

And use JustEnough’s mobile technology to gather data and respond in real time.
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"In the fourth quarter we achieved a 35% reduction in inventory costs. JustEnough paid for itself in the fourth quarter alone."

Bryan Handlen, Chief Operating Officer,

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