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Sales and Marketing - Product Information

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Marketing Assessment

Download our free self-assessment to rate your marketing efforts and focus on areas you may need to improve. We can help you to build the marketing roadmap and communicate it across your organisation.

Channel Management

Align your in-house marketing, on-line presence and business partners and distributors to maximise your marketing effectiveness.

Marketing and sales metrics

What are your key activities and how are they measured?

Sales Audits

Analyse all aspects of your sales readiness and measure the effectiveness of your key activities.

Sales Process Definition

Determine and understand the critical steps in your successful sales efforts and embed them in all your customer engagements.

Sales Training

Simple, cost effective, skills and awareness training to re-align your team’s sales efforts and keep them there.

Sales Management Advice and Assistance

Understand how to manage and grow your sales activities.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) advice and system definition

We can help you select and implement the right CRM system in the right way to deliver true business value, and make sure it’s properly aligned with and reinforcing your sales and marketing.

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