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Benefits of the Competitive Strength Report

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Simplicity and Speed

The CSR takes each participant through a series of structured, easily understood questions 30-40 minutes to complete in their own time via secure, separate web access.

Insight and Understanding

By providing your core team with the opportunity to give honest feedback in a confidential, structured and non-confrontational fashion, a true picture of how they each perceive the business and its risks is gained.


The responses will elicit and highlight any differences in awareness of the business operations and communication issues, enabling a worthwhile discussion on how to get everyone paddling in the same direction.


Use the CSR’s action templates to detail and manage the key actions required to drive your strategy.
“The CSR provides immediate insight into key sustainability factors within the organisation. It is a key tool for aligning my top team to the major organisational needs.”

John Ballard, Group CEO. Mercy Health & Aged Care, Melbourne, Australia

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