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The Competitive Strength Report enables a company’s leadership to understand where they are positioned in comparison to the very best, where their main threats lie and what the implications are. It can then be used to help them decide clearly, and speedily they need to do. There is nothing else as fast, as accessible and as affordable for businesses large and small.

The Competitive Strength Report, efficiently and cost-effectively offers:
  • A Strategic Review with core metrics encompassing the qualities and performance criteria make excellent companies excellent.
  • A comprehensive Risk Assessment tool to consider all potential stumbling blocks for your business.
  • Confidential and Constructive input from each member of your management team.
  • A Structured Approach in a rapid time-frame.
  • Most importantly of all - a Roadmap for concrete, measurable, agreed Action Plans based on your Strategic Decisions. The CSR output includes consolidated reports and analysis, a management feedback session and follow up planned workshops.

It can be used in many ways; as pre-work prior to a strategy session, to check management alignment (“Are we all on the same page?”), as a platform for change, and during mergers and acquisitions to assess competencies and cultural fit.

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“The CSR provides immediate insight into key sustainability factors within the organisation. It is a key tool for aligning my top team to the major organisational needs.”

John Ballard, Group CEO. Mercy Health & Aged Care, Melbourne, Australia

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