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Strategy and Planning

“Common Goals and Concrete Actions”

Having a clear, agreed vision and well-documented strategy is fundamental to running a successful organisation of any size. As businesses grow and complexity increases, this becomes ever more critical.

Excelerate provides Consulting and Facilitation services to a variety of public and private clients to help either set or re-affirm their strategic direction, and use an innovative, quick and cost-effective tool, the Competitive Strength Report, to help achieve this and assess their capability to deliver on these goals and reinforce the desired organisational culture.

The CSR is built around core metrics that have been identified from within top-performing companies and public service organisations that have helped them on the path to excellence, able to embrace change, deliver quality products and service, and focus on key areas. Its aim is to heighten awareness of key issues, stimulate essential dialogues and help your top team commit to action.


Insights on Strategy

Strategy and Planning Product Information


Competitive Strength Report

he Achievement Process - Building Your Team



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“The CSR provides immediate insight into key sustainability factors within the organisation. It is a key tool for aligning my top team to the major organisational needs.”

John Ballard, Group CEO. Mercy Health & Aged Care, Melbourne, Australia

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